Trip Diary

08-2012 Peel Island (An Ekka tradition)
08-2012 Moreton Island
07-2012 Rocky Point
06-2012 Blakesleys
06-2012 The Bedroom
05-2012 Breakfast on Karragarra
05-2012 St Helena
05-2012 Perigee Bedroom
02-2012 Queen Mary II
02-2012 Mud Island
11-2011 St Helena
11-2011 Shorncliffe to Redcliffe
10-2011 Weinam Ck to Dunwich
10-2011 Peel Island
10-2011 Breakfast on Karragarra
10-2011 St Helena and Green Island
09-2011 Wivenhoe Dam
08-2011 Fraser Island
08-2011 Canaipa Passage
08-2011 Karragarra
08-2011 Stradbroke Island
07-2011 St Helena
07-2011 So long, and thanks for all the fish.
05-2011 Green Island
05-2011 Wivenhoe Dam
04-2011 Upper Noosa River Weekend
04-2011 Easter at Woodgate
04-2011 Mud Island
04-2011 Karragarra for Breakfast
02-2011 Bongaree
02-2011 St Helena
01-2011 Weinam Ck to Blakesleys
10-2010 Moore to Blackbutt Rail Trail
10-2010 Whitsundays
09-2010 Mud Island
09-2010 Redcliffe
09-2010 Girraween
08-2010 Upper Noosa River
08-2010 Potts Point
08-2010 Peel Island
08-2010 Gateway to City Bike Ride
08-2010 Mud Island
07-2010 Blakesleys Afternoon Paddle
07-2010 Kedron Brook to Scaborough (and return)
04-2010 Colmslie Beach
04-2010 Brighton Park
01-2010 Nundah Creek
01-2010 Blakesleys
01-2010 Upper Noosa River (with a difference)
01-2010 New Year Paddle
12-2009 Potts Point
08-2009 Raby Bay to Peel Island
08-2009 Wynnum Creek to King Island
07-2009 Sandgate to Redcliffe
05-2009 St Helena
04-2009 Wellington Point to Peel
04-2009 Breakfast on Karragarra
03-2009 King Island
03-2009 Mission Point
03-2009 Mud Island
01-2009 Morning Tea at The Pin
01-2009 Circumnavigate Macleay Island
01-2009 New Year Recovery Paddle
12-2008 Caniapa
12-2008 Pine Rivers
11-2008 Coochie Night Paddle
10-2008 Breakfast at Karragarra
10-2008 Girraween
10-2008 Coomera Falls Circuit
09-2008 Hinchinbrook Island
09-2008 Manly Harbour Festival
09-2008 Linville to Blackbutt Rail Trail
08-2008 Weekend at Blakesleys
08-2008 Old Woman Island
08-2008 Circumnavigate Macleay Island
07-2008 Upper Noosa River
07-2008 Weinam Creek to Dunwich
06-2008 Scarborough to Bongaree
06-2008 Wellington Pt to St Helena
06-2008 North Stradbroke Jazz Weekend
05-2008 Point O'Halloran to Blakesleys
04-2008 Upper Noosa River
04-2008 Aquatic Paradise to St Helena Is
04-2008 Eprapah Creek
03-2008 Paradise Point to Moreton Island
03-2008 Wynnum Ck to Tangalooma Point
03-2008 Amity Point weekend
03-2008 Bremer River
03-2008 Brisbane River - Gregors Ck to Barneys Rocks
02-2008 Play Day - Coochie Mudlo
02-2008 World Wetlands Day Paddle
02-2008 Brisbane River night paddle
01-2008 Australia Day Week
01-2008 Blakesleys 3/4 Moon Paddle
01-2008 Shorncliffe to Nudgee
01-2008 Brisbane River - Barneys Rocks to O'Sheas Crossing
12-2007 Raby Bay to One Mile via Blakesleys and Potts Point
12-2007 Diamond Head to Tipplers
12-2007 Wynnum Ck to Green and St Helena Islands
11-2007 Bike Ride Bay Islands
11-2007 Tingalpa Creek
10-2007 Potts Point Night Paddle
10-2007 Return to Gilligans Island
10-2007 Salt Water Creek and Coomera River
09-2007 Elimbah Creek
09-2007 Scarborough to Caboolture River
09-2007 Fraser Island Whale Watching
09-2007 Circumnavigate Russell Island
08-2007 Pine Rivers Night Paddle
08-2007 Linville to Blackbutt Rail Trail
08-2007 Brisbane River City Reach
08-2007 Peel Island
08-2007 Brisbane River
08-2007 Green Island Day Trip
07-2007 Pine Rivers Night Paddle
07-2007 Mooloolah River
07-2007 USS Kitty Hawk in Brisbane River
06-2007 Black Tie on Peel Island
05-2007 Harrys Hut Camping Weekend
04-2007 Theodolite Creek
04-2007 Upper Burrum River
04-2007 Circumnavigate Big Woody
04-2007 Walkers Point to Toogum
03-2007 Boat Passage to Big Sandhills
12-2006 Woodgate to Mon Repos
10-2006 Fraser Island Whale Watching
04-2005 Keppel Islands
12-2004 Fraser Island
10-2004 Munna Point Camping Weekend
10-2004 Mooloolaba to Maroochydore
09-2004 Coochie Mudlo Island
08-2004 Karragarra Island
07-2004 Wellington Point to St Helena Island
06-2004 Noosa River Camping Weekend
05-2004 Brisbane River Night Paddle
04-2004 Budds Beach to Moreton Island
10-2003 Bulwer to Tangalooma
05-2003 Eatonsville to Harwood Island


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Scarborough to Caboolture River
Date: 23-09-2007
Launch: 09:30 Scarborough Harbour
Tide: 12:20 LT
Brisbane Bar
Distance: 26.9km
Conditions: Wind 20-25kn Southeast
This was the first time we were lead up the garden path by the Beacon to Beacon. A dot in the wrong spot can make a big difference, probably more than what the creator of the map might have anticipated.

The 20-25Kn SE blew the planned trip from Scarborough to Bongaree away. While it might have been great for those with sails on the way over, it promised a slug of a return paddle. Plan B was to head across and up the Caboolture River against an outgoing tide and return.

It was a hing dinger of a trip. The swell and steady SE had us zinging along, reaching nearly 15Kph and just in time to scoot across the sand bar at the river's entrance for morning tea on the leeward bank. A wayward sign declaring that dump fees at the Caboolture Tip would apply as of November was accompanied rubbish, broken glass and the remains of fires.

As we continued to head up the river, the wind continued to blow like mad and after a couple of conference calls Plan B morphed into Plan C - a one way sticky beak up the river then catch a cab to collect the cars. The river was reasonably wide with a tendency to shoal. Despite this it is home to a great variety of yachts and cruisers from the tiny to the immense. Our destination had become Monty's Marina. Sounded like a place for a look and a coffee. We passed a boat yard on the right and headed upstream to where Monty's was marked on the map. On arrival all we found were a series of private riverfront houses fronted by some yachts that looked like they were trapped until a king tide. A large catamaran sat in a back yard a long way above the high tide doing a Noah's Ark impersonation.

Turns out that the boatyard was the marina. While it was a mere 300m as the crow flies, the river winds back on itself and it was 6Km return. During this time the tide turned, the wind continued to blow and I desperately searched the bank for a place without the thick soft boot thieving mud. A rare patch of firm sand was seen upstream from a small creek on the right hand bank. In my urgency to get out I neglected to pull up the rudder and on leaving, it must have hit a rock. The design of the Raider rudder leaves it vulnerable to parting company with the boat which is what it did (again).

Finally around the bend, passed the dutch galleon yacht back to Monty's. It is a boat yard with some enormous sea faring catamarans and cruisers. The hull of one cat was a carport for the falcon parked under it in the shade. It looked like a yard of expensive dreams, a place to sink your money and possibly not float your boat. It was not the kind of marina where you find a coffee or a toilet.

With the tide now coming in strongly and the wind not abating. It would have been a long 6Km pull to the Uhlmann Rd boat ramp so we had lunch and decided to call a cab. The cabbie was a friendly local woman who knew where to find us and said that the marina had been spruced up considerably compared to how it was 10 years ago. I sunned myself keeping an eye on the tiniest but most used boats in the yard.

A paddle on the incoming tide up the Caboolture River is worth doing. At the top of the tide you would see more of the surrounding landscape rather than facing off those squishy mud banks. As far as Monty's Marina goes, check your Beacon to Beacon as both of our editions had the marina at the end of Riversleigh Rd instead of futher downstream on the next bend off Beachmere Rd.
Setting out from the boat harbour
Surfing and sailing
Sailing and the hard way
Sailing past a variety of boats
And the boat ramp
Cruisers and cats
The dutch galleon yacht
The false Monty's
The boats at false Monty's
Muddy banks
The real Monty's Marina
A lifetime of work
Scarborough to Caboolture River Map
GPS Trackfile (OziExplorer .plt)