• 99 Bikes Green Team Month 2

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    Date: Sunday 30 May, 2021

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    Month 2 Video

    Week 5 – Ebike Commute 113km

    Short week again with Monday being QLD Labour Day Public Holiday.
    I have been riding the Cube Nature One e-bike for a while now, I guess its time to explain what it does.
    This model of e-bike features a small electric motor which is connected to where the pedals drive the chain.
    Pushing the pedals harder is one way I can ask for more assistance from the e-bike’s electric motor. Another is using a trip computer with 5 assistance modes. Changing the mode varies the amount of assistance the motor provides. Assistance ceases either when I stop pedaling, or I exceed 25km/h.
    Computer has the following settings;
    OFF: Computer displays speed and distance only.
    ECO: Amplifies effort 40% – maximum battery efficency.
    TOUR: Amplifies effort 100% – suitable for long range touring.
    SPORT: Amplifies effort 180% – used for cycling in heavy traffic.
    TURBO: Amplifies effort 270% – maximum assistance, ideal for steep inclines.
    WALK: No pedaling required. Motor drives pedals to 6km/h – walking up ramps etc.
    Source: Bosch Active Line Plus
    Bosch has this e-bike range calculator
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.69/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $169.76.

    E-bike Review

    Week 6 – Ebike Commute 158km

    This week my cycle commute conditions varied
    Monday saw a foggy morning
    Tuesday warm and fine
    Wednesday afternoon storm
    Thursday sunny with the temperature dropping to a 17 degrees, chilly for Brisbane. The daylight hours are getting shorter and my afternoon cycle commute will soon have me arriving home after sunset so I visited the Optometrist to discuss glasses for riding in the dark.
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.59/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $206.18.

    Week 7 – Ebike Commute 161km

    Cooler mornings have me wearing a thermal top and long pants. The Ravemen heahlight is brilliant for riding through Toohey Forest on my commute home in the fading light.
    Tyre spray in my face during last weeks unseasonal storm reiterated the need for a front mudguard. 99 Bikes had a “BBB Grand Protect Front Fender” suitable for the cube @ 30% discount.
    Winter in Brisbane is usually dry so I doubt if I will find how effective it is until Spring.
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.49/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $231.51.

    Week 8 – Ebike Commute 172km

    Winter in Brisbane arrived early with a chilly 10 degrees and my morning commute had me wearing a thermal top, long pants, neck warmer and full finger gloves.
    On Wednesday’s commute home I paused at a suitable location in Holland Park to view the perigee moon above the rooftops.
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.45/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $255.34.