• Mud Island

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    Date: Sunday 7 October, 2018
    Distance: 32km
    Conditions: Wind AM 10-15Kn SE, PM below 10Kn SE

    Two of the five paddlers had not been to Mud before. We usually aim to get there near the top of a preferably generous tide, but today’s paddle was on an ebb. By the time we got there, the entry through the coral shoals was limited to a narrow passage. The odd multi-coloured lump inshore of the coral shoals in a foot of water turned out to be another carcass. Its relatively small size, sharp shaped jaw bone, a dismembered baleen, fine tail fluke and colouring looked like those of a Minke whale. After the newcomers had gone further up the creek to take a look at the massive humpback skeletal remains it was time to hightail out of there while we had water to do so.

    We went ashore just north of the western creek and were treated to a sumptuous morning tea of fresh Belgian waffles served with cherry compote and lashings of fresh cream compliments of Jack. Simply divine. A pair of Beach Stone-curlews were nearby and it is likely that the solitary large speckled egg in a shallow scrape was theirs.

    We continued clockwise in search of the sandy beach favoured by both Graham and Ian as a place to have lunch. Heading towards a 0.3m low it already had a generous coral fringe. By the time we had finished lunch all the kayaks, including those left floating had been stranded on rough coral.

    A consensus was reached to return via the river mouth so we could catch the start of the flood. The cruise liner Pacific Jewel made for an impressive sight as she was escorted downstream. By the time we reached the Boat Passage the beach was still a quagmire so we landed on the boat ramp where one paddler decided it was time for a dip.

    It had been a most enjoyable day out, clocking up 32Km and I for one certainly slept well that night.