• 99 Bikes Green Team Month 3

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    Date: Sunday 27 June, 2021

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    Week 9 – Ebike Commute 176km

    Cooler days with shorter daylight hours persist.
    Spotted a Brisbane City Council Sign indicating a Planned Burn in Toohey Forest sometime between now and December 2021.
    Ridden over 2000km on the Cube Nature ONE e-bike.
    On my Saturday ride to the Post Office via Carindale I spotted a large flock of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos perched on a overhead line next to the bikeway. I also ended up in the middle of around 1000 runers in a Parkrun, and then was instructed off the Murarrie Velodrome by an official as some racing cyclists were very quickly approaching behind me.
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.72/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $283.96

    Week 10 – Ebike Commute 151km

    This week had mostly QLD winter days with cool morning commutes warming to low 20’s afternoon commutes. A brief shower on Wednesday had me donning my raincoat and waterproof trousers. I also decided to commute home via Stones Corner which was great opportunity to test the battery life, as I knew the remaining charge would be touch & go with the extra 8.5km into a stiff breeze. With no warning the battery cut-out about 500m from home. Felt like the brakes had suddenly applied. I am pleased to find the bike can be ridden without battery power, however it is quite heavy and requires a lot of effort to pedal uphill. I now know a charge lasts me around 93km.
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.65/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $317.06.

    Week 11 – Ebike Commute 142km

    Rain on Tuesday provided a foggy Wednesday morning commute. Being close to the winter solstice my morning commute has me leaving home before around sunrise. On Friday afternoon I was pleased to be on the cycleway which had me travelling faster than the motorway traffic.
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.49/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $354.41.

    Week 12 – Ebike Commute 141km

    The winter solstice had the sun setting early which provided an opportunity for yet another sunset photo. The recently fitted remote button on the excellent Ravemen headlight made it safer for me to change light modes without taking my hand off the handlebar when commuting via the unlit Toohey Forest path. Light rain over Holland Park on Thursday morning had me deliberating whether I should wear my rain jacket.
    Local ULP 91 price – $1.45/l. Fuel saving since 14/3/2021 – $390.56.