• Southern Bay Bumble

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    Date: Thursday 23 November, 2017
    Distance: 23.5km
    Conditions: Light wind

    Bay Bumble
    The wind never turned up, nor had anyone else. So we went for a bumble around the bay on our own. It really was a bumble ie a leisurely pace with some vague sense of direction. Most of the time we nosed along the shoreline, checked out signs, anything that looked like a park, poked into quiet bays, snooped around silent ships, meandered amongst massive mangroves and generally just made it up as we went.

    It was a slow and quiet day. Aside the ferries, the only boats we saw was an occasional tinny zooming out of the Logan River. It seemed that the recent weather and the forecast had put everyone off. We had been hoping that Huey might have given us a bit of a final thrill, but even that faltered and it remained a bumble right until the end.