• Coochie Night Paddle

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    Date: Sunday 5 November, 2017
    Conditions: Light wind

    Tonight’s paddle proved to be a timely reminder of how beautiful the bay is in the late afternoon and at night. While Coochie is close, a storm front coming up from the south looked like it could create some fun.

    Leaving close to the ebb of a low low, the paddle over was about avoiding getting stuck on a sandbar. We pulled up on Norfolk Beach and waited to watch the golden moon rise up over Stradbroke Island. The wind picked up a little and a stumpy shore break snuck into some cockpits then broadsided another to give it a real washout.

    Lightning flashed on the horizon and seemed to have driven up the pace. As last kayak off the beach, there was hardly a deck light in sight by the time I rounded the SE rocks. Gone into the black. A count of the bobbing lights turned up 12 which was peculiar, as we had left with 11. Better to have gained than lost. Tonight paddle was a timely reminder to consider heading out in the late afternoon light for an evening on the bay.