• Pt Halloran to Polka Pt

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    Date: Sunday 1 October, 2017
    Distance: 25.5km
    Conditions: Wind SSE 10-20Kn

    Three people put their hat in the ring to join us on a trip from Point O’Halloran to Polka Point on North Stradbroke. The forecast and model were changing but the general gist suggested a SE turning east sometime around lunchtime.

    An outgoing tide and a 10 Knot SE on the beam had us scooting along under sail. The day was cool and overcast. A quick call around had a consensus to continue to Straddie in preference to stopping on Bird for morning tea. The sandbars off Bird were awash with a small chop. By the time we pulled ashore we were all wet and pleased to be in the shelter of the cliffs. After an early lunch we walked to the top of the hill overlooking the mudflat of Bradbury’s Beach. By now the breeze had firmed to a steady 15Knots but seemed to be reluctant to swing around to the east.

    Heading back with the flood tide, the swell was coming from the front quarter. While the wind was well off beam, its consistency and strength would have made it useful for sailing. The sails remained stowed to keep the pod together. There was a momentary pause after one paddler belatedly took up the idea of a swim off Bird Island.

    The rest of the trip back was a reminder of days gone by when weather forecasts were what was happening at the time. As the tide started to flood the SE shoved a lumpy swell which made for a fun ride. Had the sails been up, it could have been a thrill or spill. We all came ashore in time for a final rinse from the first of the welcome rain.

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